Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LiveFit Update- Day 16

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I'm working my way through Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer and I've made it to the beginning of Week 3-Phase I.  Today is Day 16 where I will work my Back and Biceps.  

Week 3 also brings an extra day of working Legs, which I love!  This is the muscle building phase of LiveFit and I'm certainly feeling it.

Things I'm noticing:
  • The  most visible difference I can see is in my biceps.  There is definition and actual muscle where none had ever been seen before!
  • The workouts are short enough that they don't seem terribly challenging to me while I'm doing them.  However, the next morning brings a different sort of feeling- soreness that I wear like a badge of honor!
  • No weight loss. None.  I'm glad I took a picture of myself on Day 1 (no, you can't see it).  I'll take another picture at the end of Phase I to see if I can see anything.  I also took my measurements.  I'll let you know those results at the end of Phase I.
I said at the beginning that I wasn't going to follow the diet plan very strictly.  I've decided to be more careful in that area and see what my results are.  So,  I spent Sunday evening doing some healthy food prep.  There is not much in the way of workouts for the Abs in this program.  Jamie says they are made in the kitchen!  You can do all the crunches you like, but if that 6-pack is covered by a layer of fat we'll never see it!
Now my fridge includes a bowl of hard-boiled eggs- aren't they pretty?
And Chocolate Protein Bars (recipe from Jamie Eason)
My kids have eaten half of the protein bars already.  They don't seem to realize that they're healthy. (please don't tell them)
I also pre-cooked a few chicken breasts on my grill.  They're in the fridge waiting for me!

So far I'm really liking the LiveFit Trainer.  I enjoy the idea that my workouts are planned.  I just have to go to the site, print the day's plan and go!  The site even includes printable versions of each day's workout with places to record things like the workout duration and how you're feeling at the beginning of the workout.

Personally, I'd like a spot to record how I feel at the end of the workout.  
Usually I start out feeling like "pfft, whatever" and end up feeling like "woo hoo!".

Here is the leg workout I'm liking so much.
Since I'm working out at home I replace Leg Extensions with Squats.  
I also do Plie Squats instead of Lying Leg Curls.

So, is there anything you'd like to know?
And no, I'm really not going to show you that Day 1 picture- don't ask!

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