Sunday, May 13, 2012

Eight Reasons I Take My Mom to Races

In 2004 I decided to walk in my local Turkey Trot 5K.  Although I regularly pushed a stroller around my neighborhood I was not yet a runner.  At that time, I knew nothing about the local race scene and my only criteria for sneakers was that they be pretty- and preferably, on sale.

When I told my mom that we had to schedule Thanksgiving dinner around the race, she had quite a few questions.  They all boiled down to, "Why are you doing this?".  Honestly, I didn't have an answer.

I won my age group in the 5K walk that day.  I'm very proud of this accomplishment, since it hasn't happened since and I don't imagine it will ever happen again.  I'm only sorry that I never picked up my award.  Needless to say, I was hooked.

After that, my mom became my babysitter on many race days.  She has watched my kids for me to go on training runs- still wondering, "Why are you doing this?".

By 2009, my kids were big enough to want to race.  We asked my mom to come to the Turkey Trot with us.  At first, her answer was no.  "I have to make dinner." was her (legit) excuse.  Finally, we wore her down.  "Put the Turkey in... Dad can make sure nothing burns. Everything will be fine."  And Grandma Glo pinned on her first race number.

Grandma has completed several 5Ks with us and we can't imagine going to the starting line without her anymore.  She also makes frequent appearances on this blog!

So, on Mother's Day, here are my Top Eight Reasons I'm Glad My Mom is part of my running life! (Why eight?  Because that's the number of reasons I could think of)

1. My Mom will celebrate a PR with me- 
even if she can't remember what "PR" stands for.

2. My Mom will bake me cookies and write "13.1" on them! How cool is that?
3. My Mom carries cash for post-race breakfast in her sports bra. 
(Sorry Mom, I told your secret)

4. My Mom is the purchaser of crazy hats.  
She bought these an entire year ahead of schedule and saved them just for race day.
5. My Mom will give me her fleece when my teeth start chattering because I'm wet & cold after a race. Who else would do that?

6. My Mom will show up to have her picture taken for the cover of the HerTimes Magazine with us, even though she thinks we're a little crazy and she worries that she needs her hair done.
7. During that photo shoot, My Mom will even run down a hill for the photographer 
even though she is NOT into running.
8. My Mom doesn't need to have an answer for "Why are you doing this?" before deciding to support me.

Thanks Mom! Love you lots!

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