Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Biking News

Two exciting things happened last week at our house!

First, Katie snagged a mountain bike at a yard sale for $15.  At the rate she is growing, she won't be riding this bike for long so I was very pleased with the bargain.
Upon inspection, our resident handy-man (she calls him "Dad") discovered that only 2 of the 18 gears were operable since someone had installed the shifters incorrectly.  We have no idea what the previous owner thought was going on with her bike.

Dad spent an hour and a half in the garage getting Katie's ride in perfect condition.

Second, Mandy has finally learned to ride her bike without the training wheels!
(insert applause here)

You may recall the pictures I posted from spring break where she always had at least one foot touching the ground.
No more of that!  Mandy is officially cruising around the neighborhood 
on two wheels- no feet.
I love her determined face...
Mandy even took her first crash into the gravel.
We covered the boo-boo with a Miss Piggy band-aid because Miss Piggy is also one tough chick.

We're adding biking to the list of ways we can get sweaty as a family this summer.

How many spring boo-boos do your kids have so far?

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