Monday, April 16, 2012

Quad Swim Day!

The first event of the 2012 Highmark Quad Games was held this morning!

Ken & the girls made their way to McComb Field House at Edinboro University of PA. 
Since I couldn't be there I sent a camera with Katie & Mandy and gave them instructions to take some pics for the blog.

Quad Swim participants swim 100 yards.
(That's down & back twice for you land-lovers)

Katie took this picture of Dad flying off the block... I thought it was a great action shot!
Katie & Mandy did the Kids Quad.  Katie swam 50 yards (down & back once).  She had a little bit of a rough start because when she hit the water her goggles came off.  
Dad & Mandy report that she had a great race once her goggles were emptied and back on her face.
Mandy swam 25 yards (yep, down the pool one time).  She excitedly reported that she won her heat! Yaay!  Big sister had to clarify that there were only two other people in her heat and one of them was using floaties.  Whatever- Mandy still rocks.
Quad Swim results are posted here.
The next event is the Bike which will be held on July 14th.  See you there!

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