Monday, April 23, 2012

Poker Run 5K Report

Friday April 20th was a beautiful day! Sunny with summer-like temperatures made my heart happy. So, when I woke on Saturday April 21st to the sound of rain pelting my bedroom window I was less than excited. I stuck my head out the back door and found out that for once the weatherman was right. It was a chilly, wet morning. 

 That was when I went upstairs and woke Katie & Mandy up saying, "it's time to get ready for the race!" We picked up Grandma Gloria and made our way to the starting line. 

The ERC Poker Run 5K was held at Presque Isle State Park. 
213 hearty souls ventured out to cover the 3.1 mile course. 

We met my friend Jenny and her lovely daughter, Olivia in the parking lot at Beach 1. Olivia was already smiling as she climbed out of the car... 
she was ready to run her first 5K!

 Katie had promised to play the role of motivator. The Poker Run is an out and back course, so I passed the girls on my way back.
I was thrilled to see that they were still smiling as they approached the half-way point! 

 As I approached the finish, I learned that my friend Jenny has the lungs of an entire cheerleading squad.  I suggest you hire her if you ever need motivation. I heard her yelling "Go Rhonda!" before I could see her and I had my earbuds stuck in my ears with music blaring! 

We waited together at the finish and greeted our girls as they finished. 
A little later we all cheered for Grandma and Mandy as they finished the 5K walk.

That's Grandma's yellow sleeve in the background.  Yes, Mandy left her behind.

Part of the fun of the Poker Run is that you don't necessarily have to be fast to win.  Finishers collect a hand of cards at the finish.  The person with the high hand wins a prize.  Plus, hands that include a Joker get a prize.  Lady Luck wasn't smiling on anyone in our group, so we celebrated our successes with breakfast at McDonald's.

When I asked Olivia how she liked her first race she didn't miss a beat. "It was awesome," she said, "I can't wait for the next one." 
 Me neither.

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