Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mom starts to LiveFit

A few days ago Katie came home from school, finished her homework, and put on her running clothes.  She yelled, "I'll be back- going for a run!" and headed out the door.
Ken looked over at me and said, "and if you smoked crack she'd want to do that too."

In the interest of setting a good example for our fit kids, I thought I'd share my fitness plan with my grown-up readers.

On Monday, April 23rd I started Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer.

It's a 12-week program from which includes workouts, meal plans and advice on supplements which promote muscle development.

And get this- IT'S FREE!

Jamie Eason is probably the most recognizable face in the world of fitness modeling.  If you don't know her name, you've probably seen her smiling at you from the cover of a magazine in the grocery line.  She always makes me feel guilty if I'm thinking of grabbing a candy bar.

I must admit that I'm making a few adjustments to the plan.

  1. Phase I does not require any cardio.  That's great, but I can't quit running for 4 weeks.  You wouldn't like the person I'd become.  But, I'll keep it light.
  2. I'm already eating pretty clean so I'm using the meal plans as a guideline rather than following them exactly.  If I decide to eat tuna instead of turkey meatloaf I figure I'm still getting my protein.
  3. I like to do my weight training at home.  (Early mornings while my kids sleep just fit my schedule better) The workouts assume you're doing them in a gym, so as I go along I'll need to substitute some dumbbell exercises for the ones that use machines.  
I'll let you know how the plan is working for me (or not) as I go along.

Have you ever used a structured training program?
Care to join me on this one?

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