Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Five Days of Fit Kids- Day Two

Day Two of our Five-Day Fitness Challenge was a swimming day!

We headed to the pool this morning with Grandma in tow.  The girlies took off on kick-boards at first.  Mandy's flutter kick is really fun to watch.  It makes a lot of splash, but doesn't really go anywhere fast.  She gets better results with the breast stroke kick.

Hubby is taking the girls to participate in the Highmark Quad Swim in a couple of weeks, so some pool time is in order.  During the summer months the girls swim on a swim team and always have a faint smell of chlorine on their hair & skin.  My little fishes have spent most of this winter on land though, so it was good to find their fins again.

Katie is signed up to swim 50 yards, so after we did some kicking and warm-ups she did a few 50's with flip turns.  Katie is practicing pacing- she tend to do the first 25 yards as fast as she can and then runs out of gas for the 2nd 25.  (not unlike what her mama has done in so many 5K races!)
Mandy is going to swim 25 yards at the Quad.  Since this is the distance she swims in team events, she feels pretty confident.  When we signed up she asked, "just the one time down the pool?".  She's not overly interested in "training".  Mandy really doesn't have much of a competitive streak- she's just looking to have a good time!
How did you get fit with your kids today?

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