Monday, April 2, 2012

Five Days of Fit Kids- Day One

 My kids are on Spring Break all week!  That's right- no school or school-related activity to keep them busy, so it's up to Mama.

I've told the girls that we are going to intentionally move every day this week.  What will we do? We're not certain yet, but when we figure that out we'll share with you.  Since the ERC Poker Run 5K is coming up, we went for a run today to get our legs moving.

They always start BIG with loads of excitement!

This is Katie running backward to indicate that we are going too slow.
Mandy is not the sort of girl who likes to be outrun.
I never understand how Katie can run with all her hair swinging around-
that would drive me nuts!

So Day One was a running day.  We'll let you know what happens tomorrow and maybe you'd like to join us in our week of Family Fitness.

How did you get moving today?

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