Thursday, April 5, 2012

Five Days of Fit Kids- Day Four

Here we are on Day Four of our Spring Break fitness streak! 
I think Mama is way more tired than the kiddos!

Today found us back at the pool.  My children are fish... 
once they're wet it's very hard to talk them into leaving.

Katie & I did a 500-yard workout.  We took turns picking our method of doing 50-yards.  
My drills come from the book  Janet Evan's Total Swimming.
Katie's drills come from some dark place in her head where she lives to torture me.

Meanwhile Mandy did whatever Mandy wanted to in the pool until she was exhausted.

After swimming we headed to the mall.  The girls have been earning money by helping me around the house this week and it was burning holes in their pockets.  Those two are serious shoppers-on-a-mission.  I was glad that I got up and did my own running early today because I needed all of my energy to keep up with Katie & Mandy at the mall.

How did you & your kids get sweaty today?
Do you find shopping with the kids more tiring than a 10-mile run? I do.

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