Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 5K report

Unseasonably warm temps in Erie resulted in a huge turn-out for the ERC St. Patrick's Day Distance Festival.  Katie & I joined the crowd and lined up for the 5K this morning!  
We even dressed up for the occasion with our fancy-schmancy socks.
Some college girls running behind us asked where we got them.  
They wanted to get some to wear out to the bars later.  Katie was happy with the compliment.  
I was just happy that they were running behind us.
We took this picture to prove that we were very fashionable... 
other people were sporting their St. Paddy's socks too!
Katie hasn't really been running lately, but she has been pretty active so she was gunning for a PR anyway. (Oh, to be young again)
The pic is blurry because she's running so fast! Or, her mother is a lousy photographer.
I wish I'd taken a picture of the little guy who started with us.  He looked to be 4 or 5 and he was running with his dad & grandfather.  He was beyond excited to be in the race and took off waving at his grandmother.  It was really exciting to watch!  I don't know how his race went... we parted when he announced that he needed to stop & pee on a tree. (I hate when that happens)  
I really hope they had a great race.

Katie finished with a personal best time of 41:46.  She was hoping for under 40 minutes, so I had to remind her that a PR is a PR and is to be celebrated! We took these sweaty post-race pics and then met Ken & Mandy for brunch!

How did you celebrate St. Paddy's Day?

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