Monday, February 6, 2012

Peer Pressure

Today I talked with my sis-in-law/running partner.  She's very pregnant, so naturally we're making her post-partum running plans.  She's  looking forward to resuming our Saturday morning runs.  Give us 3 miles and we can solve just about any problem.

We're talking about doing the Dirty Girl Run in early September.  It's a 5K with an obstacle course!  Katie is a little disappointed that the minimum age is 14.  (I promised that we'll go back when she's older.)

We're hoping that setting a goal together will keep us both motivated to train over the summer.  Here's why- Saturday morning comes and it's so easy to go back to bed.  But, I'd never blow off a running buddy who is waiting for me.

Sis-in-law is motivated to get back in shape after having the baby.  I am looking forward to preparing for a new kind of race.  Since this one involves upper-body strength, this is a huge challenge for me!

In case you are lacking in motivation, here's a little peer pressure for you.
Do you have a running buddy?  
What's her best quality?
Have you ever done a mud run? (Are we crazy?)

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