Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Workout for Every Season

We love to run.

But, the girls in my house cannot live on running alone.  There simply aren't enough races that give out t-shirts to keep them interested in running without other physical activities.  And I'm fine with this... I truly believe that kids need lots of avenues to fitness.  Nowhere is this more true than here in Northwest Pennsylvania this winter!  Normally by December 1st the snow has arrived with no plans to leave until March at the earliest.  So, the girls switch over to cross-country skiing.

But, do you notice the mud in the background of the picture on the left?  Do you also notice that the girls are not terribly bundled up?  Don't think I'm a neglectful mom... it was almost 50 degrees that day!

Snow has been sporadic here and while many of my friends rejoice, I'm disappointed.  Skiing has been interrupted.  Yesterday, for the first time, the Wilderness Wildcats had to miss their session due to lack of snow.  What???

So, we've had to be flexible with our winter fitness routine.  The girls have had more opportunities to use their roller blades this winter than Santa could have imagined when he delivered them.  In fact, this picture was taken the very next day after the skiing one above.

Before I became a runner I had a lot of excuses for not being active.  "It's too hot."  "It's too cold."  "I'm too tired." "I don't have time."  "I'm not fast." "I might fail."  At this point in my life there are simply no excuses.  Whatever the weather, I'll find a way to get moving.  And more importantly, I'll find a way to enjoy it.  

When the weather de-rails your fitness plans, do you have a back-up?
What's your favorite winter activity?

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