Monday, January 30, 2012

Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

Last week I wrote about Sherry Arnold, the Montana runner who went missing during her Saturday morning run on January 7th.  Sherry's disappearance has struck a nerve with many runners who understand what Sherry was doing that morning.  We have all set out for a run with thoughts of the rest of the day in our minds while cherishing those moments alone on the road.  Sherry was abducted only about a mile away from her home.  I'm sure she never imagined that this run would be her last.

Sherry's cousin, Beth Risdon writes one of my favorite running blogs Shut Up & Run.  Beth is organizing a Virtual Run for Sherry on Saturday February 11th.  You can read about Beth's efforts to honor her cousin here.  Or you can check out the facebook page with  info on the run.

I'm going to participate that day and so many other runners are pledging their support.

Are you in?

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