Monday, January 2, 2012

Snow Day!

Last night the girls were sad.  Today was to be their first day back at school after a fun-filled Christmas break.  They were sooo not excited.  During our break we enjoyed unseasonably warm & dry temps here in Northwest Pennsylvania.  There was roller-blading and running- OUTSIDE!  We went swimming twice and even enjoyed a Noon Years Eve skating party with the new rollerblades that Santa brought.
We even ran into the fabulous Kelly & Lauren Cass who know how to party at the roller rink!
This morning brought a welcome surprise... SNOW DAY! We hardly ever get snow days in this area.  In fact, we pride ourselves on being so tough that we go out in just about anything!  But, we'll happily spend today enjoying the snow.  We've actually been hoping for a good dumping of the white stuff so that the new XC skis can get out for a spin.
How did you enjoy the week between Christmas & New Year's?
Do you have snow where you live? How do you enjoy it?

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