Monday, January 9, 2012

Fast and Crazy and Awesome!

I thought by now I'd need to write something to keep us all going during the dark, cold month of January. But, I've been wearing my sunglasses all day!  We are enjoying unseasonably warm, dry weather here in Northwest Pennsylvania.  Yesterday Katie joined me for my resolution mile.  I can't believe we were outside without boots and with no fear of slipping on the ice.

Nonetheless, this past Saturday marked the first day of the Wilderness Wildcats Cross-Country Ski program at the Wilderness Lodge.  When Saturday dawned sunny and predictions were of 45 degree temps, I thought for sure it would be cancelled.  I was so wrong.  There was still snow on the trails at the Lodge, so 80 kids plus coaches tromped through a very muddy parking lot to begin their skiing adventure.
Mandy is continuing to learn traditional cross-country ski techniques.  She loves her group, she loves her coaches, she smiles all the time.

Katie is switching this year to a new group that is learning to skate ski.  If you don't know what this is (I didn't, prior to our involvement with the Wildcats) it looks like this...

Since this technique is completely new, she was a little nervous starting out.  However, her smiling face upon returning to the Lodge told a different story.  She was a sweaty mess! She didn't want food- only ice water-NOW!  When asked how she like it she replied, "It's fast and crazy and AWESOME!"

I think we're in the minority here, but we're praying for snow so that they can ski again this weekend!

How is your family staying active this winter?

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