Friday, December 16, 2011

Old t-shirts = Christmas gift

Here's a weekend project that's perfect for using those old race t-shirts!  If you're like us, you really only wear a few favorites regularly.  But, it's hard to part with that other pile... after all, you earned them!  Here's a fun project.  I promise it looks more complicated than it is!
Can you believe each of those little purses used to be a t-shirt?

First, you need to make a ball of t-shirt yarn.  
There are several demos on Youtube- here's one for you!

You can purchase balls of t-shirt yarn on Etsy, but it's so easy.  I can't imagine why you'd spend the money instead of using up your own shirts!

Second, do you know how to knit?  If not, this is a good project to start with.  
All you need to know is how to cast-on, do the knit stitch, and bind-off.  There are lots of how-to-knit videos out there, but the ones at are my favorites.

Now that you're ready to knit, here is the pattern for your little purse.  I recommend using large needles- size 13 or 15.  This project knits up quickly.  If you're an experienced knitter, the whole thing will be done in an hour. (I love instant gratification!)  I used bracelets for handles- you can also use 3" craft rings.

Several people will be getting these little purses with a gift card this Christmas.  
Of course, that's if Katie & Mandy don't claim them all.

What's the most creative thing you've done with an old race t-shirt?

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