Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Om

Ok, Christmas Cookie Challengers... how's it going?  Are you finding time for those extra ten minutes of exercise each day?  I know, it's not always easy.  If you've gotten off track, don't give up.  I really don't want us to throw in the towel and deal with it in January!

So, if you're losing your enthusiasm my suggestion is to try something different.  If you're a walker, throw in a little jogging to break up the routine.  You don't have to go far- just up to that next mailbox, or the house with the dog... you get the idea.

Take a fitness class, buy yourself a new video or even just plan a new route for your walk or run.

I'm going to incorporate some yoga back into my routine.  When I'm running a lot it's tough to find the time but this article from's fitness blog gave me a little kick in the pants this morning.

What have you been itching to try?
Don't you love these yoga gingerbread cookies?

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