Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey recap

The weather was fantastic for Turkey Trot 2011! This is big news here since we've trotted in rain, sleet and snow.  This year's race included sunshine and 50 degree temps as well as these guys who did the 5K walk on stilts! Yikes!
Mandy says that she saw one of them fall down and several walkers stopped to hoist him back onto his stilts!  We also saw lots of people in turkey costumes or hats.  These were my favorites...
This was Mandy's first Turkey Trot so she went all out with her crazy socks and turkey hat!
Katie is a veteran trotter with four Turkey Trots under her belt, 
but she was still willing to bring on the fun!

Grandma and Aunt Kristina joined us this year!
This year I was very thankful for a beautiful morning filled with running prior to our Thanksgiving meal.  I hope you had a wonderful day too!

Did you find time to move this holiday weekend?
Don't you wish you had a turkey hat?

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