Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Training for Turkey

November brings one of our favorite holidays! Who doesn't love a day that includes homemade pies, turkey with all the trimmings and running?

What's that? Your Thanksgiving doesn't include running?  
Well, I hope this post will change your mind.

Every year on Thanksgiving day, runners toe the line at local Turkey Trots.  These crazy motivated people get up early and pre-burn some of the calories they will ingest later in the day.  

Here in Erie PA, the Turkey Trot is organized by our own Erie Runners Club.  There is a 5K walk, 5K run and 10K run.  Each year this race grows and this time the race will sell out at 4,000 runners.  This is a HUGE crowd for our local runners club and it is a family tradition for our family.

Why do we Turkey Trot?  Here are just a few reasons:
1. Crappy late-November weather.  I know, this sounds like a reason NOT to run right?  But, no.  There is something about lining up in the cold drizzle (once we had sleet) that makes us feel just a little tougher.
And the shower when you get home is the best one ever!

2. More pie!  Seriously, you're gonna have extra anyway so burn a few calories before you sit down to dinner.

3. Family time.   Most Turkey Trots are family-friendly events with distances for all ages and ability levels.  We've talked Grandma, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws and friends into this race over the years. It's easier than organizing family dinner.

4. Holiday races bring out the fun! Last year I saw loads of people wearing stuffed turkeys on their heads.  Now, I have a feeling that they wouldn't normally do this but on Turkey Trot morning it seemed quite normal.  There is one guy who wears a turkey costume and carries a sign that reads "Eat More Perogies".  My goal is to get a picture of him this year- just for you.

5. It's like getting a late pass.  Try this, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I'd love to get up at the crack of dawn to stuff the turkey but I've already signed up for the Turkey Trot."

If you're in Northwest PA, you should join us at Presque Isle for our favorite Turkey Trot.  If not, find one near you. And start signing up relatives!

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