Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Saturday Lazies

Mandy as a dancing cupcake! too cute!
We've been moving a lot lately.  In fact, this family hasn't been home much.  Even as I write this, Katie hasn't returned from the sleep-over she went to last night.  Both my girls have been performing in Pinkalicious at the Erie Playhouse.  While they LOVE the activity and I'm sure they'll be sad when it's over, this morning I found Mandy in need of a break.  She took a long bath while I picked up some clutter.  Then I took my run to the treadmill and invited her to watch a movie with me while I got my sanity-inducing run in.

Now we're making brownies.  I wish you could smell them.  There are two performances today, so we'll get busy again.  But for now, I'm just enjoying some quiet time with my littlest girl.  You know we love to run, but rest time is equally important.  And this morning we're taking some.

I know I promised cookie recipes, but I didn't think it was fair to tell you about our brownies and not give you some.  This is our super-easy brownie recipe.

1. Buy a brownie mix. (we chose Betty Crocker low-fat fudge brownie mix)
2. Forget about the oil, eggs etc.  Add 1 15 oz. can of pumpkin.  Make your kid mix it all together.
3. Bake according to directions.
4. Enjoy!
Mandy sampled one for you and pronounced them "delicious"

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