Saturday, November 5, 2011

Her Times magazine

It's time to share our exciting news!

 Last week I teased on facebook by saying, "We're headed to the photo shoot.  That's all I'm saying for now."  A few friends knew what I was talking about but kept my secret.  Others took guesses, including one cousin who asked if we'd won the lottery. No- I wish.

Then I shared these pics of me, Katie, Mandy and Grandma Gloria on our way...
Katie & Mandy


Mandy & Grandma

Rhonda & Katie
Did you notice how we're all match-y?  We're all sporting our Her Times 5K t-shirts because we were posing for the cover of the Her Times magazine!  It publishes this Sunday, November 6th... that's right, our smiling faces will be delivered with the Sunday edition of the Erie Times News to homes all over our area.

While we are excited about the cover shot, we're particularly excited to be mentioned in the article inside the magazine by our friend, Heather Cass.  She did a great job summing up the reasons why we (and 800 other women) love the Her Times 5K.  It's inspiring and empowering to toe the line with all those strong, amazing women surrounding us!

When I called my mom to tell her about the photo shoot she said, "It's because I'm old, right? That's why they want me- to let women know that you can still be active and do things when you're old."  Of course we assured her that she's NOT old! (Did you see her?)  We all agreed that age will not limit us when it comes to enjoying our lives- the girls in these pics range from 8-60 and we have plans to continue running, walking and generally living it up for many years to come!

So check out the Her Times magazine in the morning! You'll see four familiar faces there!

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