Monday, October 10, 2011

Training for a Parade?

First you need to know that Katie asked me to write this post...

This past weekend was Homecoming at my husband's alma mater, Edinboro University of PA.  Ken was a proud member of the EUP Marching Band so Homecoming weekend would not be complete unless he marched with the Alumni Band in the Homecoming Parade.

When we arrived at parade line-up Katie & Mandy were immediately recruited to carry the banner on the parade route. (I'm sure glad I bought the matching tank tops!)
They walked the 2-mile route with plenty of stopping and standing while the alumni band entertained the crowd.  Katie now says that she has heard enough of "Scotland The Brave" to last her a long time.

Once the parade ended, we headed to the dining hall for lunch.  While Mandy shoveled in breakfast food, Katie commented that she was glad she had been running because the walk was no big deal thanks to all the training she had done in preparation for her 5K.  She said I should make sure to tell everyone how running makes you strong enough to do other things that you didn't even plan on.
Smart kid, huh?

Have you encountered a challenge that was easier because of your training?
What song is stuck in your head today? Aren't you glad it's not "Scotland the Brave"?

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