Monday, October 17, 2011

Taking a Walk Break

Katie has been sick for a week.

Needless to say, her running schedule has been derailed.  After four days of fighting a cold and feeling generally crappy (her words), pink eye was the icing on the cake.  I wanted to photograph it for all of you, but Katie said no. Party pooper.

Today she returned to school and felt much better.  As usual, she came home with an absurd amount of homework and set up camp at the kitchen table.

This Mom couldn't stand it anymore!  The kid has been stuck on the couch for a week, the sun is shining outside and she's doing homework. Unacceptable.

First I was gentle- "I'm going for a walk. Anyone coming?" Nothing.

I tried again. "Beautiful day isn't it?  It kinda makes me want to go for a walk. How 'bout it?"  This time I got, "Mom, I gotta finish my homework." Sigh.

Enough already- "Take a break. Now. We're going for a walk."  "I can't. Too much homework" "Do it when it's dark. Let's go."

We took a walk break.  It was great!  We did two hilly miles while we talked about stupid homework and other silliness.

Mandy started a game where we had to step on every single leaf that had blown into the sidewalk and and listen to them crunch.  I asked her what this game was called and she said "Leaf Crunch".   You should play- you might like it!

We'll get back on the running schedule soon, but today we needed a walk break.  A break from illness, homework and structure.  Today was a day for wandering up and down hills and listening to the leaves crunch.  Don't waste the sunshine friends!

Do you need a walk break?
Do you need someone to talk you into taking one?
Are you wishing you could play "Leaf Crunch" with Mandy?

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