Thursday, October 6, 2011

Running = Good Grades?

This article from says that active kids do better in school.

Surprised?  I wasn't.  Active kids are happy kids.  They're more focused.  They tend not to bounce off the walls when we've given them enough time and opportunity to burn off their energy.

Exercise their bodies so they can use their brains.  Makes sense to me.

Education is very important in our family.  Ken & I make every effort to be involved in our children's schooling.  But lately I have become concerned with the amount of homework that is coming home.  I'm not alone- nearly every day I hear a friend bemoaning the time spent anchored to the kitchen table with worksheets.  Katie (the 5th grader) comes home with 45 - 60 mins. of homework Monday through Thursday.  This does not include time spent reading.  

On these beautiful fall evenings, I tend to think that the homework should be simple.  
Here's your assignment... everybody go play outside!

How often do your kids have a PE class at school? Mine only go once a week. :(
How often do you incorporate exercise into their after school schedule?
Does homework seem to be getting a little ridiculous? Or am I just being whiny?

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