Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Focus on Lauren Cass, XC runner

Today we're featuring the youngest runner in the Cass family, Lauren.  Lauren  was on her elementary school's Cross Country team for the first time this year. As a third grader, this eight year old is just getting started. But, I'll bet there is a lot of running in her future!

Lauren was nice enough to share her feelings on running with us. Thanks Lauren!
1. I hear this is your first year on the cross country team.  Is running with a team more fun than running alone?
Yes, it’s a lot funner when there’s a bunch of people around you. It’s like, “Yes, I can do it!”

2.  What's the best part of practice?  The worst part?
The best part is when we start running because I’m not tired yet.
The worst part is when you run out of breath and you have to stop and walk.

3.  Do you like participating in the meets?  Why or why not?
Yes, because it gets really fun when you’re on a roll. I also liked running in the woods and clapping for my friends and they cheered for me, too.
 I like when everyone would yell my name at the finish.

4.  How do you like running with your sister?
It’s fun, sometimes. We go back and forth a lot, sometimes she’s faster and sometimes I am. I’m a little bit faster though.
That's Lauren on the right- chasing down her teammate!
5.  Your parents are both really into running.  Does this make you want to run too?  Do you like running with them?
Yes. I do like running with them because it’s fun. If I get up early, I sometimes run a mile with my mom in the morning and I get to wear a vest and carry a flashlight. It’s dark out.

6.  What distance do you usually run in a race?  What's the farthest you've ever run?
1 mile. That’s the farthest I’ve ever run without stopping.

7.  What other sports or activities do you like?
I like swimming and skiing (cross-country); skiing is a lot of fun.

8.  Is there a sport that you'd like to try?  

9.  I'm willing to bet that your race t-shirt collection is growing!  Do you have a favorite? My favorite is my Wattsburg Cross-country bobcats t-shirt – it’s tye die.

10.  Is there anything you want to tell me about your running that I didn't ask?
My mom and I just made a cross-country trail in our yard that goes through our woods so we can practice in the spring.

Kelly & Lauren are the daughters of Dan & Heather Cass.  Racing seems to "run" in this family!

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