Friday, September 23, 2011

This One's for the Girls

Did you see this New York Times article on Wednesday?

It states that the governing body for track and field decided that world records set by women will only count if they are set in women's-only events.  Apparently, those men out there are making the girls run faster and it's no fair.

This means that Paula Radcliffe's women's world marathon record (2:15:25 wow!) is now null & void because she set it in a mixed race with male pace setters for the elite men.

Personally, I find this ruling appalling.  I'm a runner and a mom of two girls- I shudder to think about the message this sends to them.  I find races to be a great equalizer- men & women toeing the same line, running the same course.  Now my PRs aren't real because some men finished ahead of me? What?

Also, I don't know of many women-only marathons.  This ruling severely limits the opportunities of elite female runners to set records.

What do you think? Is this reasonable or outrageous?

Is the ruling more irritating because it is retroactive?

Should the guys who chase Paula's skirt be allowed to count a PR if she motivates them to run faster?

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