Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Roadkill Run

Yesterday, all the girls in my house were crabby after school- me included.  I decided we need to run and we needed to do it now!  We headed out for an easy run since Mandy was going along and she hasn't been running much lately.

 Mandy dubbed yesterday's run "The Roadkill Run" due to the inordinate amount of roadkill we passed.  This led to interesting conversations where we tried to determine what animal that used to be (I think it was a possum but I'm not sure) and we wondered why dead chipmunks don't really have tire tracks on them like in the cartoons.  Don't worry, we didn't take any pictures of the roadkill.

Katie wasn't into starting slow so she took off ahead of us.

Of course, there's nothing like a little sibling rivalry to make a little sister pick up the pace!

 After her sprint, Mandy needed a break so she played photographer for a bit.

Then Katie had a turn with the camera...

A little post-run chocolate milk aids in recovery
(Just in case we needed another excuse to like chocolate)

It's also a great way to bribe motivate the little runners to finish strong!

Have you taken your kids for a fun run lately?
Have you seen any interesting roadkill on your runs? We'd love to have you describe it for us.

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