Monday, September 12, 2011

I Go to Rio!

My legs were tired tonight!  This morning I did Sprint 8s for my run.  Although it's only a 20 minute run, it kills me.  So, when it was time for Katie's run I didn't have it in me.  She dislikes the treadmill, but I can't really send her out on the busy roads alone.  So here we are in the basement... Katie is on the treadmill, Mandy & I are keeping her company and we're all watching Rio

After all, running is easier when you have company isn't it?  In fact, this new venue plus the movie has totally distracted Katie from the fact that she is running 3 intervals that are 5 minutes long- more running in one 30 min. period than she has ever done.

She looks strong and best of all- she's smiling!

How do you distract yourself from the pain on a tough run?
Would this work with your little athletes?

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